Affordable and Safe Bee Removals

Honey Bees are prone to make any place their home. If bees feel safe and have space they will quickly start building comb, this sometimes may not be convenient for home owners. Yet it is important to know bees are not invasive species. 

If you see a swarm of bees PLEASE for your safety and theirs do not attempt to remove them, let professionals safely remove them and re-home them.

At Cova Bee Colonies we offer affordable and safe bee removals for your benefit and the benefit of the bees. 

If you are in need of a removal please contact us with the button below! #savethebees

Please note we are professionals, we have the proper training and equipment to keep ourselves and the bees safe.

Please do not attempt to do a removal yourself, bees may get agitated or swarm to a different area in your property.